Embryo transfer

Embryo transfer in the horse is a reproductive technique in which an embryo from a valuable donor mare is flushed out and transplanted into a surrogate mare. Reasons for this can be:

  • mares who cannot give birth to a foal themselves.
  • several foals per year from genetically valuable mares;
  • sports mare, who can stay in sport

 Since 2001, the Animal Embryo Center offers the complete embryo transfer service, from the insemination of the donor mare, embryo washing, transfer of the embryo, to the provision of surrogate mares. All performed by a team of highly experienced vets

Embryotransfer: The process

Donormare is in heat/Ultrasound / follikelcheck

Breeding the donor mare with fresh or frozen semen

Ultrasound / check recipients

Embryo recovery

Embryo in the laboratorium

Transfer embryo in selected recipientmare

Pregnancy check at 14 days

Recipient mare with new born foal!